Pakistan announces big crackdown on illegal Immigrants

Pakistan announces big crackdown on illegal Immigrants

Pakistan announces big crackdown on illegal Immigrants

Afghan refugees in Pakistan fear a widespread crackdown as the Caretaker government of Pakistan announces a big crackdown on illegal immigrants. On Oct 3, the government declared the deadline of November 1 for undocumented illegal immigrants including Afghan nationals to leave the country. In case, they don’t leave the country then the government will come into action and will start a crackdown on them.

Pakistan Caretaker Government gives the last deadline of Nov 1 for illegal immigrants to leave the country

Afghanistan Taliban criticized the decision of the Pakistan Government to expel its undocumented Afghan migrants. They remarked, “it is unacceptable”. However, the Pakistan Foreign Office clarified that this decision has not been taken to target any specific nationality. It is in the best interest of Pakistan.

The Caretaker Interior Minister, Sarfraz Bugti also clarified that this crackdown is not only specified for Afghans but would apply to all nationalities. Pakistan Government has also ordered all property owners to vacate their houses which are rented to Afghan families.

Why did Pakistan announce a big crackdown on illegal Afghan Migrants?

Afghan immigrants are Afghani people who migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan in 1979 as a result of war. When the Soviet military intervened in Afghanistan, Pakistan provided shelter for Afghan refugees. Now, Pakistan has taken the decision to kick illegal Afghan migrants out of the country to protect its sovereignty. Because many of them are involved in smuggling and suspicious activities which are a threat to Pakistan.

The former Ambassador of Pakistan, Ali Sarwar Naqvi says, “The caretaker government has taken a wise decision to start a crackdown against the illegal Afghan immigrants.” He sees the presence of Afghan refugees as a threat to the law and order of Pakistan.

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Pakistan kicks off illegal Afghan migrants

Action against illegal Afghan migrants in Islamabad has been underway for about two months. Pakistan authorities moved sixteen trucks carrying 20 undocumented Afghan families to the Torkham border yesterday.

To sum up, Pakistan announced a big crackdown on illegal immigrants to eliminate the threat to its financial and political stability.

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