Is US President Joe Biden suffering from Parkinson’s disease?

Is US President Joe Biden suffering from Parkinson's disease?

Is US President Joe Biden suffering from Parkinson’s disease?

The netizens hit social media with a million-dollar question, “Is US President Joe Biden suffering from Parkinson’s disease?” This controversy started when The New York Post published an article on July 6, 2024.

The New York Post claimed Parkinson’s disease specialist Dr. Kevin Connard visited the White House at least eight times since last year. This publication caused speculation and doubts over the health fitness of President Joe Biden.

Moreover, since Joe appeared to speak hesitantly and sometimes blankly during his June 27, 2024, debate against Donald Trump further fueled speculations regarding his health. He seemed weak and usually lost his thought to convey his message during a heated presidential debate.

There have been concerns among the American public and political analysts that President Joe Biden is physically unfit. Some of them also started to assume that he may be suffering from an undiagnosed disease.

However, some speculated that President Joe Biden is suffering from Parkinson’s disease after frequent and consistent visits by Dr. Kevin at the White House. According to them, President Joe is intentionally hiding his disease to remain in the US Presidential office.

Following the massive speculations, the White House has categorically denied the suffering of President Joe Biden from Parkinson’s disease.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre addressed these rumors while conducting a press conference. She denied that President Joe Biden is not receiving treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

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However, she avoided answering the reporter’s questions about why Dr. Kevin was visiting the White House. She also declined to confirm whether Dr. Kevin visited the White House Complex.

Karine attributed it to the privacy rights of visitors. She stated she could not confirm such questions because they have to respect the visitors’ privacy.

She also expected reporters to respect that viewpoint and avoid those questions. However, several Americans have backlashed her for this briefing on their concern about the President’s health. Some of them called her answers “bullshit.”

So far, the White House wanted to clear the air by briefing on the health fitness of President Joe Biden. But it has fired back apparently with not-so-clear-cut answers from Karine.

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