SHC order to not suspend MDCAT exam took social media storm

SHC order to not suspend MDCAT exam

SHC order to not suspend MDCAT exam took social media storm

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has passed an order to not suspend the MDCAT 2023 exam over ‘paper leak’ allegations. Some medical students had filed a petition to SHC to suspend the exam due to a lack of transparency.

The National Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) retake got controversial after the question paper was leaked on social media. Following the incident, students petitioned the Sindh High Court for an investigation.

The student mentioned in their petition that this is the second time the MDCAT paper has been leaked and that no one is being held accountable for this crime.

The Sindh advocate general informed the SHC bench that a guess paper had been leaked online, not a paper. According to the petitioners, they want merit-based admissions to medical and dental schools in Sindh.

After hearing arguments from both sides, the SHC judge rejected the plea and passed the order to not suspend the MDCAT 2023 exam.

We Reject High Court Decision Trends on Twitter X after the order of Sindh Court

Afterward, the decision of SHC, netizens criticized the decision of SHC and supported the petitioners. The petitioners are medical students. They are running a hashtag we reject high court decisions in favor of medical students.

One wrote on X MDCAT students want justice. She also shared the footage of medical students who protested on paper leakage.

Another X user wrote It is unfair with medical students. She questioned Guess paper really? Is it possible for 180 questions to be the same as in the MDCAT test?

Merit, Rest in peace. Shame on the Sindh Government. Medical students work so hard for this day. But the system fails to provide them with a free and fair environment.

Furthermore, one wrote the closing merit for districts in interior Sindh is around 88-89%. It is the highest closing merit ever recorded. The verdict of the Sindh High Court is a shame.

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The Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) held the first MDCAT 2023-24 on September 10. But authorities canceled it when an investigating committee discovered considerable evidence of the unlawful release of the test material.

The MDCAT exam was held again on November 19 through DUHS (Dow University of Health Sciences) with the permission of the Sindh government. Hundreds of candidates, however, had petitioned the SHC against the retake of the MDCAT.

However, SHC dismissed such two petitions after the PMDC backed the retake of the MDCAT on Nov 2, 2023. PMDC refers to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

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