Elections 2024 results- National Assembly & Provincial Assemblies

Elections 2024 results

Elections 2024 results- National Assembly & Provincial Assemblies

This article explores the results of the general elections 2024 for the National Assembly, Punjab Assembly, Sindh, and Balochistan Assembly. All eyes are on the results of the 2024 general elections, with political parties, independent candidates, and voters glued to television screens.

Despite the disruption of mobile phone and internet services, the massive public exercised their right to vote on Feb 8 to elect delegates to national and provincial assemblies in 855 constituencies. Let’s have a look at the results:

National and Provincial Assembly Results for 2024 Elections

Party National Assembly (NA)Punjab AssemblyKPK Assembly Balochistan AssemblySindh Assembly
PTI-backed Independent candidates9311683N/A11

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Disclaimer: It is crucial to note that the above election results have been derived from media reports. There are still results pending in some constituencies.

However, the 2024 elections outperformed the previous 2018 elections in several ways including a record budget allocation of Rs 48 million.

Moreover, the voters’ number increased to a significant ratio exceeding 50% of the total population. And a record-breaking ratio of independent candidates at around 18,000. As well as a massive amount of paper required to print 260 million votes.

In addition, more than 1.4 million polling officials worked at 90,675 polling stations. About 16,766 polling stations out of them were considered as particularly sensitive. Authorities declared a public holiday on Feb 8, 2024, to increase vote turnout.

However, people thought the election results would be ready a few hours after midnight. However, even 24 hours after the polls closed, the unofficial results still couldn’t be made public.

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