Security forces repel BLA attack in Balochistan’s Mach area

Security forces repel BLA attack

Security forces repel BLA attack in Balochistan’s Mach area

The security forces of Pakistan repel a launched attack by Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) militants in the Mach area of Balochistan. The security forces rocked the Mach area occupied by BLA militants with explosions.

Forces entered into darkness after terrorists fired numerous rockets from the mountains. They also exchanged heavy gunfire with security forces. Explosions and shootings trapped people in their homes. Heavy gunfire began in the Kolpur and Gokhart Bibi Nani regions as well.

According to security forces, unidentified individuals fired 15 rockets from the mountains in the Mach region of Kuchi Bolan at 9:30 p.m. However, two rockets hit Mach Jail Colony; one landed in the Levies Police Station, four poured down on the FC headquarters and eight landed in the city and adjacent areas.

As the rockets exploded with loud bangs and intense firing, the city fell into darkness and the market quickly shuttered. The blasts were so powerful that many residences’ windows broke down.

Security personnel obtained intelligence about the terrorist strike and set up a trap for the attackers. However, attackers in response to the strong response and strategy of security forces. Security personnel have initiated a search operation against the fleeing terrorists.

Interim information minister of Balochistan, Jan Achakzai, stated that security forces successfully thwarted three coordinated attacks carried out by militants in the Mach area.

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Moreover, security forces have killed six terrorists. Two of them are recognized as Doda Baloch and Pardan Baloch. According to Jan, pictures and other details about the terrorists will come soon.

Furthermore, Minister Jan said the terrorists were associated with the Aslam Acho organization. Jan said no infrastructure faced damage. There were no casualties among their four security forces.

Jan also stated that the terrorists escaped the battleground. On the other hand, security personnel pursued them. They are hopeful that security forces will also eliminate all threats and repel BLA attacks with the help of God.

According to media sources, the administration has barred all types of traffic in Dharar and Kolpur. The residents of the Mach area could hear explosions and shooting till night in Gokhart, Bibi Nani, and Kolpur.

The issue between BLA and Pakistan rose because the BLA has engaged in a variety of violent crimes against the Pakistani security forces, including terror attacks on non-Baloch minorities in Balochistan. The group accuses Pakistan of exploiting the province’s natural resources against the will of the native Balochi population.

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