Punjab IG says foreign agency responsible for Sialkot Shooting

Punjab IG says foreign agency responsible for Sialkot Shooting

Punjab IG says foreign agency responsible for Sialkot Shooting

Punjab Inspector General (IG) of Police Dr. Usman Anwar says the foreign agency is responsible for the Sialkot mosque shooting which took three lives.

A religious activist belonging to an outlawed organization and his security guard were killed during fajr prayer in Daska Mosque. It is believed to be a targeted attack.

Get the all details of the Sialkot attack

In a press conference today Oct 13, 2023, IG Police said the attackers behind this terror attack arrested. He made responsible hostile intelligence agency of a “rogue nation” that planned it outside Pakistan. He didn’t name the alleged rogue nation.

Punjab IG says foreign agency responsible for Sialkot Shooting

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IG Punjab will reveal “rogue nation” in next press conference

Moreover, the IG said the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) identified the perpetrators. They have arrested most of them. He further claimed that Pakistan with the help of law enforcement agencies would expose the rogue nation to the world in his next press conference.

Dr. Anwar warned the conspirators involved in plotting against Pakistan. He has a strong determination to expose them for their evil deeds. He added that the Foreign Office and other institutions are working towards it.

Dr. Anwar said LEAs including police, the Counter Terrorism Department, and other intelligence agencies are in union to not only trace these conspirators but to prevent more attacks.

Punjab IG Press Conference For Sialkot Shooting

He said the terrorists did the planning of this attack outside the Pakistan. The hostile intelligence agency sent a person to Pakistan. Police have all the records about who is the person who came here, who he met, and even his geo-location. They came here from Oct 6 to Oct 9 and committed the terror attack on Oct 11.

Dr Anwar said the police would identify the hostile country in his next press conference along with the identities of the three shooters and their facilitators.

He added that they have all kinds of evidence, including data from Booking.com and other sites. Their constables went and searched hotels,” he said. They along with the CTD, have collected undeniable evidence which we will present to the media and court.

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