PTI and PMLN launched online store to sell party-branded items

PTI and PMLN launched online store

PTI and PMLN launched online store to sell party-branded items

The political parties PTI and PMLN have launched an online store to gain support and resources amid the general elections in 2024. They are implementing new online techniques to boost their election campaign and earn funds for the party.

Following the footsteps of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) has launched its online store. They are selling party-branded items through e-commerce stores. As well as using it as a platform for their followers to express their support.

The official Twitter X handle of PMLN announced the launch of an online store with the appeal to action “Get Ready for Elections 2024 by showing your support for PMLN”.

It further stated that they are pleased to announce the official release of PMLN products on the official party website. They also urged supporters to buy PMLN t-shirts, mugs, badges, and hoodies.

Initially, the PMLN store sold 13 items like clothing and mugs with slogans. It includes “Sher Ek Vari Fer” and “Mian Day Naary Waja Gy” etc.

However, the merchandise-focused approach of PMLN differs from the online fundraising strategy of PTI. PTI developed two websites and, as an e-commerce store aimed at local and overseas Pakistanis.

They claimed to collect donations of more than 40 million PKR from local Pakistanis and 120,000 dollars from overseas Pakistanis through these platforms during the online telethon.

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These platforms are mainly concerned with seeking donations to finance campaign expenses. PTI is using various denomination cards ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 150,000.

The cards categorize contributions under headings such as “flags and outdoors,” polling agents,” and “online media campaigns.” It allows donors to see how their funds are being used.

The digital drive of both parties highlights the changing landscape of Pakistani politics, where internet involvement and resource mobilization are significant. So, it will be interesting to see how other parties use technology to interact with voters for the upcoming 2024 elections.

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