McDonald’s Pakistan supports Palestine amid Israel Palestine war

McDonald's Pakistan supports Palestine amid Israel Palestine war

McDonald’s Pakistan supports Palestine amid Israel Palestine war

McDonald’s Pakistan supports Palestine amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine war that started on Oct 7, 2023. After the pledged support of McDonald’s Israel for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), McDonald’s Pakistan has come forward in support of Palestine.

On Oct 19, 2023, McDonald’s Pakistan officially announced a donation of one crore rupees for Palestinian victims. It is donating to the people of Gaza through the largest philanthropic network in Pakistan, the Edhi Foundation. It made this announcement via its official social media account on X (formerly known as Twitter).

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This donation from McDonald’s Pakistan comes after a global controversy that McDonald’s is providing free meals to the Israeli military troops. The controversy arose after the announcement of McDonald’s Israel opening 5 branches to provide aid and donations to Israeli forces on Oct 13, 2023.

Afterward, the people of Pakistan started raising their concerns over McDonald’s Pakistan too. In response, McDonald’s Pakistan released an official statement and clarified its stance that it is an independent entity having no link to McDonald’s Israel.

McDonald’s International Response to Controversy over Israel-Palestine Conflict

McDonald’s Israel has faced the worst criticism and boycott movements worldwide for providing its free food services to Israeli militarians who are involved in the massacre of the Gaza people amidst the Israel-HAMAS war.

However, after criticism, McDonald’s Israel has adopted a different narrative. It claims from the first day of the war, McDonald’s Israel has not donated 100,000 thousand meals to the IDF and the security forces only. It has also donated free meals to hospitals and the residents of the surrounding area – worth 5 million NIS.

McDonald’s Pakistan supports Palestine amid Israel Palestine war

Coming to McDonald’s Pakistan, it has restated its commitment to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It highlighted its dedication to assisting the affected people of Gaza by the deadliest Israel airstrikes.

Several different McDonald’s branches in numerous countries have quickly adopted a stance to distance themselves from the Israeli branch’s act. They emphasize that McDonald’s Israel’s actions are not representative of our stance over Israel-Palestine conflict

The recent announcement of McDonald’s Pakistan may be an attempt to stop the backlash from most of the Pakistanis. They are criticizing the food chain for its perceived support of Israel. However, it is uncertain whether this criticism has affected the shares of McDonald’s in Pakistan or not.

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