Fire at Saddar Mobile Market erupted & engulfed dozens of shops

Fire at Saddar Mobile Market

Fire at Saddar Mobile Market erupted & engulfed dozens of shops

The fire erupted at the mobile market of Saddar Shah Jahan and overtook several dozens of surrounding shops in Karachi. This massive fire outbreak created a challenging situation for rescue services.

Fire extinguishing services struggled for many hours and managed to put out the fire after a long struggle of five hours. According to details, the fire broke out in the early morning in the mobile market of Saddar Shan Jahan. Eventually, it spread quickly to several shops, giving rescue authorities a tough time.

According to emergency officials, five fire tenders and two water bowers responded quickly to the incident area and battled the flames.

Rizwan Irfan is the President of the Saddar Electronics Dealers Association. According to Rizwan, more than 100 shops in the market were damaged and the trades lost millions of rupees. Rizwan also said that Saddar market has a fire safety system but the fire blazes immediately surrounded the shops.

The fire brigade smashed the locks and shutters of stores to put out the fire. The authorities exerted considerable effort to safeguard the area and its residents.

Fire erupts in Saddar Karachi’s mobile market

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According to the Chief Fire Officer, the fire started due to a short circuit and quickly spread across the market. Despite obstacles such as dense smoke and confined space, the firefighting teams took effective measures to control the fire outbreak.

Meanwhile, during a media briefing, the Chief Officer confirmed that water from the Karachi Water Board and the Fire Headquarters was used to extinguish the fire.

However, in a second incident, a devastating fire occurred at the multi-story Arshi Shopping Mall in Ayesha Manzil in Karachi on December 7, 2023. It affected several families and shopkeepers.

The furniture stores in the shopping mall caught fire. Although the fire damaged numerous residential flats and 130 shops in the multi-story turned several jewelry and clothing shops into ashes.

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