IT Ministry to launch project “Smartphones for All” for Pakistanis

IT Ministry to launch project "Smartphones for All"

IT Ministry to launch project “Smartphones for All” for Pakistanis

The IT Ministry is going to launch the project “GSMA Smartphones for All” for Pakistanis who will be able to buy Androids and iPhones in easy installments. IT Minister Umar Saif announced the upcoming start of this project. But, he did not announce the exact date of the launch event.

However, this project intends to increase smartphone usage in Pakistan by making it more accessible to citizens through affordable payment installments. It means that every citizen of Pakistan can access smartphones on an easy installment plan of the government.

Umar emphasized the commitment of the IT Ministry to promote the rise of the smartphone manufacturing sector through its launch of the project “Smartphones for All.”

Meanwhile, he said a research and development fund is being established to help local mobile phone manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, he explained the process of the “Smartphone for All” project. He said if an installment fails, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will use the Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System (DIRBS) to block the device.

The minister highlighted the goal of this project is to encourage careful financial conduct while ensuring the continuous spread of smartphone accessibility to every Pakistani.

Telecom firms will sell smartphones directly to customers through installment plans under this strategy. This change is expected to broaden the benefits of mobile broadband, particularly for low-income Pakistanis.

IT Ministry to launch Smartphone for All

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However, Umar Saif also stated that Pakistan has the seventh-largest mobile phone market in the world. Pakistan has 190 million smartphones in active use.

According to Umer Saif, the main goal of the Pakistani government is to limit mobile phone imports. It will promote local low-cost production and high-quality phones.

Therefore, the “Smartphone for All” project contributes to this goal. It represents a significant step toward advanced mobile technology accessibility to the Pakistani people.

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