Hafiz Naeem announces protest against high electricity bills

Hafiz Naeem announces protest against high electricity bills

In a press conference, President Jamat e Islami Hafiz Naeem announces protest against high electricity bills will not stop, as we are paying for the electricity we are not consuming.

He also pointed out to the Sharif brothers and Mr. Anwar ul Haq Kakar the current caretaker prime minister of Pakistan, asking to eliminate the taxes from bills as if all the taxes are to be taken in the bills then what does the FBR exist for? Naeem also asks Anwar ul Haq Kakar to debate the matter of excessive electricity bills before the public.

Naeem during his conference also complained to authorities about why they don’t pull the reigns of the K-Electric mafia. It is squeezing the blood of poor people. He emphasized that there should be an end to the system of collecting taxes from electricity bills. Adding to this, he questioned what FBR does to collect taxes. FBR stands for Federal Board of Revenue whose main task is to ensure the regulation of tax collection in order to avoid tax crimes and money laundering etc.

Watch out full press conference of Hafiz Naeem here

Recently, in Pakistan, the prices of electricity and other products increased which created chaos among the people and affected the middle-class people of the country to the core. In this scenario, Hafiz Naeem announces non-stop protests against high electricity bills. Pakistan faced a lot of protests in the country due to high bills and inflation.

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