Electricity Prices Surge Once More – NEPRA!

Electricity Prices Surge Once More, NEPRA! - TabloidPK

Electricity Prices Surge Once More – NEPRA!

Electricity Prices Surge Once More People are already suffering from high inflation and higher electricity bills with unstable economic conditions, and the unit price of electricity has increased by NEPRA once again by 1.6 Rupees.

NEPRA in its notification quoted that the price increase is in terms of fuel adjustment charges and the new price will take effect from the month of September.

Read the full notification on NEPRA’s website

This notification does burden the normal consumer but NEPRA gives relief to the consumer who will be using up to 100 units of electricity and to the customers of K-Electric.

Prior to the day, overseer Pastor for Data and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi expressed meeting with the Worldwide Financial Assets (IMF) was in progress for help with power bills.

Conversing with a confidential channel, the priest said a few ultimate choices for the reason taken during the last gathering. The bureau was managed via the Overseer Head of the state Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar a few days ago.

He said the top state leader had guided the pertinent partners to hold a meeting with the IMF which was in progress.
The priest said the situation on the help in the power bills for the majority would be clear within a couple of days.

The surge in the prices of electricity will put a burden of approximately 2400 crores on the residents of Pakistan.

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