ECP says Imran Khan is not a “Prisoner of Conscience”

ECP says Imran Khan is not a "Prisoner of Conscience"

ECP says Imran Khan is not a “Prisoner of Conscience”

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) says PTI chairman Imran Khan is not a “Prisoner of Conscience” in response to PTI’s claim. According to PTI’s 24-point Charter of Demand, former prime minister Imran Khan is currently in jail as a “Prisoner of Conscience”.

However, ECP rejects it declaring that Imran is imprisoned because he is accused in various cases, including the misuse of a diplomatic cipher.

ECP says Imran Khan is not a “Prisoner of Conscience”

PTI’s 24-point Charter of Demand

PTI Secretary General Omar Ayub Khan delivered the charter to the Election Commission of Pakistan urging it to ensure free and fair elections on November 6, 2023. It has highlighted some major points of the charter which include:

  • PTI chairman is a “Prisoner of Conscience”
  • PTI leaders not allowed to attend ECP meeting
  • The political victimization and persecution of PTI as a political entity
  • ECP is delaying the issuance of PTI’s election symbol “bat”
  • Enforced PTI political leaders to give interviews or statements against Imran Khan and leave party
  • No level playing field for PTI in the upcoming 2024 elections
  • Caretaker government involvement in pre-roll rigging against PTI.

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ECP’s response to PTI’s 24-point charter

ECP released a brief response to each of the charter’s 24 points. It stated that PTI chairman Imran Khan is in jail on many charges including the cipher case.

A “Prisoner of Conscience” is someone who faces imprisonment for holding political or religious views. These views are not acceptable in the state the person is residing.

The PTI further alleged that as a political party, PTI is suffering from victimization and harassment. The ECP, on the other hand, freed itself of any responsibility in this matter. It claims that ECP has no role in the alleged victimization.

ECP restated the “no-role declaration in response to the PTI’s claim. That says PTI leaders had to forcibly give interviews and statements against the party and leave it. ECP stressed the point that it could not prevent any political leader from joining or quitting a political party.

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