CTD arrested 3 terrorists outside Adiala Jail with bomb explosives

CTD arrested 3 terrorists outside Adiala Jail

CTD arrested 3 terrorists outside Adiala Jail with bomb explosives

The Rawalpindi Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has arrested 3 heavily armed terrorists outside Adiala Jail. It is significant to note that this failed terror attack comes when the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan is spending a jail sentence at Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi.

CTD arrested 3 terrorists armed with a hand explosive and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from their hands outside Adiala Jail. Rawalpindi City authorities Officer (CPO) Khalid Hamdani stated that authorities recovered automatic weapons and firearms from the terrorists.

Following this, police and other law enforcement agencies conducted search operations outside Adiala Jail. It is a high-profile prison due to the presence of Imran Khan at Adiala Jail. According to Khalid Hamdani, the arrested terrorists were from Afghanistan and an inquiry into them is ongoing.

Earlier, police discovered a suspicious suitcase containing an explosive device at Adiala Road in Gorakhpur, Rawalpindi on November 7, 2023. It is about one km away from the Adiala Jail before the cipher case trial of Imran Khan.

Law enforcement officials have already expressed concerns about the security of Imran Khan. This is why, all case trials of Imran Khan are held inside jails under strict protection. In some cases, the trial of Imran was conducted via online video links.

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Authorities shifted Imran to Adiala jail from Attock jail on September 26 amid strict security. The Islamabad High Court issued an order in this regard. An 18-vehicle convoy comprised of fifteen Islamabad police vehicles, two armored vehicles, and an ambulance, escorted Khan on the motorway.

Imran Khan is facing imprisonment in Adiala Jail due to several charges against him filed by the Pakistani government. His notable charges include ten years imprisonment in the cipher case and seven years imprisonment in the Nikkah case.

However, his further charges include fourteen years imprisonment in the Toshakhana case. Hence, the total jail term sentence of Imran Khan is 31 years.

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