Boycott Bank Al Falah is trending over the Israel- Palestine conflict

Boycott Bank Al Falah is trending over the Israel- Palestine conflict

Boycott Bank Al Falah is trending over the Israel- Palestine conflict

Since yesterday hashtag Boycott Bank Al Falah has been trending over the Israel-Palestine conflict. The controversy sparked when netizens shared an alleged circular notification of Bank Alfalah.

A local journalist named Waqas shared the picture of this notification on X (formerly Twitter). According to this notification, all BAFL (Branch Alfalah) are advised to not accept any donation funds in favor of the account Palestinian State Embassy.

The journalist also claimed that the government of Pakistan has restricted all commercial banks from accepting donations from Palestinians in Gaza.

Soon his tweet went viral than expected as the people of Pakistan have an emotional connection with Muslim brothers and sisters living in Palestine. As a matter of fact, many people with verified accounts started to share the alleged notification with the hashtag Bycotte Bank Al Falah.

One of them is Sajid Usmani who is a local journalist and blogger. He tweeted Bank al-Falah has refused to collect donations for the Muslims of Palestine. I am completely boycotting Bank Alfalah from today. I have given the application to them today after withdrawing all my money. That my account should be closed.

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Pakistani actress and host Mishi Khan shared a video saying It is disgraceful and disgusting that Alfalah Bank refused to accept donations for Palestine. How will you stand before Allah SWT on the Day of Judgment? Astagfirullah!

What is Alfalah Bank’s stance on accepting Palestinian donations?

However, it is important to note that Alfalah Bank has released an official statement regarding the viral notification circulating on social media. The bank intends to clarify the confusion caused by the internal memo that has been circulating on social media.

The bank states that the “Misleading impression or assumptions that banks have stopped taking donations are absolutely incorrect”

According to the official statement, donations cannot be made to operational accounts of embassies in Pakistan. Contributions should instead be made to legally acceptable donation accounts.

Furthermore, Bank Alfalah Limited states that they remain dedicated to allowing donations from Pakistanis in accordance with the law to appropriate and authorized accounts assigned for donations.

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