Baloch commander surrendered to state for peace in Balochistan

Baloch commander surrendered

Baloch commander surrendered to state for peace in Balochistan

A major Baloch commander Sarfraz Bangulzai of the separatist movement in Balochistan has surrendered to the Pakistani state for peace negotiations. Sarfraz belonged to the banned militant organization Baloch National Army (BNA).

Sarfraz surrendered to Pakistan state along with other 70 associates and urged his desire to integrate into the national state during a press conference. The press conference held place in Quetta on December 20, 2023.

Balochistan Caretaker Information Minister Jan Achakzai also accompanied Baloch Commander Sarfraz when he surrendered.

Minister Jan Achakzai accused India of sponsoring violence in the province of Balochistan. He said India is exploiting women for malicious motives to urge youth to join the separatist movement of Balochistan.

According to Commander Sarfraz, Baloch’s blood has spilled by Baloch’s hands. Many innocent lives have been lost as a result of the opposing movement. Families are fearful and the youth are paying the price.

Sarfraz said thousands of Baloch youngsters have been killed in the last 20 years. The 155 innocent Baloch people lost their lives in 2014 because they refused to pay bribes.

Interim Chief Minister Jan Achakzai sitting next to Sarfraz Bangulzai during a press conference

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Furthermore, Sarfraz said he witnessed personally how India finances terrorism in India. The so-called Baloch leaders are living in luxury while their people suffer.

He went on to say both previous and current Afghan governments have supported Baloch separatist leaders and sympathizers still exist in the neighboring country.

According to Sarfraz, BNA commanders have enjoyed the benefits of Indian money. He realized they were state enemies. Thus, he decided to withdraw from the Baloch National Army.

He remembered his past life as a government official in the food department in Balochistan. He owned a property and a car until a few people misled him in 2009.

Sarfraz urged others to lay down their guns and resume normalcy. He emphasized that they need a state policy for reintegration.

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