Balochistan: Noor Bakhsh rejects Attorney General’s report

Balochistan: Noor Bakhsh rejects Attorney General's report

Balochistan: Noor Bakhsh rejects Attorney General’s report

Balochistan: Noor Bakhsh is the father of missing Baloch student Feroz Baloch who rejects the Pakistani Attorney General’s report. Usman Mansoor Awan is the Attorney General of Pakistan who presented the report to the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on November 30, 2023.

Noor said that the Attorney General submitted a recovery report in court for 22 students claiming that they had returned to their families. He denied the claims of Usman saying it is entirely false because his son remained absent.

What does the report of the Attorney General say?

The Attorney General is the top lawyer in government who justifies the progress of the government on national issues. In this regard, Usman Mansoor appeared in Islamabad High Court on the matter of a missing case of Balochistan students.

Usman informed the court that just 22 out of 50 students had recovered. Justice Kayani passed the remark that the issue of missing persons is a matter of basic human rights. Pakistan lacks law and order. Do such things occur in a civilized society?

Justice Kayani further stated if the other missing students are not found. He will order the filing of a First Information Report (F.I.R) against the prime minister and the interior minister. He said in an emphasized way I am ordering it in very clear words.

Balochistan: Noor Bakhsh rejects Attorney General’s report

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Noor Bakhsh claimed that his son Feroz Ahmed was seized and forcibly removed from the Arid University Rawalpindi on May 11, 2022.

Noor insisted that Feroz was still missing and had not recovered. He went on to say that Pakistani security forces have detained his son. He said the mother of Feroz is in great agony.

Furthermore, he said his son is in the custody of state institutions. He requested law enforcement agencies to recover Feroz safely and hand him over to Noor. He added that if Feroz committed any crime his detainees should bring him to court.

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