A Massive Decrease in Petrol Prices by Pakistan Government

A Massive Decrease in Petrol Prices by Pakistan Government

A Massive Decrease in Petrol Prices by Pakistan Government

The Twitter account of the Finance Division announced a Massive Decrease in Petrol Prices by the Pakistan Government effective from 16th October 2023. There was also a massive drop in the price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) in the Notification.

The government announced a 40PKR drop in petrol prices making it 283.38PKR per litre. While the price of HSD dropped 15PKR making it 303.18PKR per litre. The last prices of Petrol and diesel were 323.38PKR and 318.18PKR respectively.

Announcement of Finance Division Pakistan on Twitter

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The Pakistani people have been facing a lot of inflation in recent months due to instability, unstable market conditions, political issues, and the depreciation of the Pakistani Currency. In recent weeks, Pakistan has intensified efforts to address the issue of illegal immigration within Pakistan. Additionally, the strengthening of the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) has contributed to a decrease in petrol prices.

“The decrease in the Petrol Prices in the international market and the appreciation of the Pakistani Ruppe made us decide to revise the Petroleum Prices” The Finance Division stated.

Public Reaction to Petrol Price Decrease

Many people are happy with the decision of the reduction in petrol prices. While some people relate it to the return of Nawaz Sharif. One of the people tweeted “Mian Sahib hasn’t arrived yet and good news are coming”.

Furthermore, there are others who mention it as a welcome step to good governance but also mention providing benefits to every class in Pakistan. The tweet says:

A massive decrease in petrol prices by the Pakistan Government could be good news for the people of Pakistan. The reduction in petrol prices is a positive development for consumers in Pakistan, offering relief amid economic challenges.

The people of Pakistan, faced with numerous challenges, are hopeful that this decision will contribute to improved economic conditions and greater financial stability.

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