New Jersey Imam Hassan Sharif shot and killed

New Jersey Imam Hassan Sharif shot

New Jersey Imam Hassan Sharif shot and killed

An unknown gunman shot and killed Imam Hassan Sharif outside a mosque in Newark, New Jersey. Authorities stated during a press conference that they believe domestic terrorism or bigotry was not the motive behind Imam Hassan Sharif’s murder.

Imam Hassan was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds outside his mosque, Masjid-Muhammad-Newark. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Matthew Platkin, the attorney general of New Jersey, told reporters that the proof they have so far does not show that this was an act of domestic terrorism or bias.

He said that investigators would not go public with this type of information so early in our process. However, they felt compelled to reveal their initial results due to an increase in anti-Muslim sentiment.

Matthew went on to say that he knows that in light of global events and with a rise in bias directed at many communities they are experiencing across their state, particularly the Muslim community. There are many in New Jersey right now who are feeling a heightened sense of fear or anxiety at the news of this slaying.

Furthermore, Governor Phil Murphy issued a statement requesting that anyone with knowledge come forward. He expressed condolences on the shot of New Jersey Imam Hassan Sharif. He assured the Muslim community and people of all faiths to do everything in their power.

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Phil expressed determination to keep all residents safe, especially in or near houses of worship. Anyone who comes forward with information regarding the shooting will receive a $25,000 (£19,000) prize.

Mr Hassan spent years working as a transportation security officer at Newark Liberty International Airport in addition to his responsibilities at the mosque.

The New Jersey branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called the death of Imam Hassan “devastated”. They called him a beacon of leadership and excellence.

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