Elvish and Maxtern Controversy: Why Did Elvish Beat Maxtern?

Elvish and Maxtern Controversy: Why Did Elvish Beat Maxtern?

Elvish and Maxtern Controversy: Why Did Elvish Beat Maxtern?

Big Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav went into another controversy after beating a famous YouTuber and dance show winner, Maxtern. His real name is Sagar Thakur, but he is famous for his YouTube name, Maxtern.

A video went viral where we saw Elvish Yadav beating Maxtern and a bunch of people entering a shop and assaulting Maxtern. Then, they started to fight and Elvish slapped Maxtern’s face. After that, Elvish can be seen leaving the store.

Elvish realized everyone was exploring his video on social media. So, he explained on social media why he got into a fight with Maxtern. He decided to explain the other side of the story.

Elvin explained that Maxtern threatened him and his family. And what will you people do if someone tries to accuse you and your family? So, this was just a reaction to Maxtern’s action which he took towards him and his family. But still, he apologizes for his reaction.

After a huge fight between these two media personalities, Matern took to X Platform and wrote about the incident in which Elvish threatened him physically.

He wrote in Hindi Bhaisaab, jaan se maarne ki dhamki de gaye hain. Main to Akela tha. Elvish bhai saath mein bahut saare bande laaye the. It means Brother, Elvish has threatened to kill him. He was alone. Elvish Bhai had brought many people along with him.

Elvish and Maxtern Controversy

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After that, he uploaded a video all over social media. But people were not that shocked because, previously, a video of Elvish went viral where he was slapping a man in the hotel.

Youtubers’ Reaction to Elvish and Maxtern Controversy

When Elvish Yadav beat Maxtern, a video went viral. Both Pakistani and Indian YouTubers showed their remarks on this big fight. Big names like Ashish Chalani and Ducky Bhai responded to it.

Ashish used the X platform and said Jo haal chal raha hai YouTube ke ab tou ye field chodhne ka hi mann karta hai (Given the current situation with YouTube, he wants to quit this field. Yesterday was the darkest day for YouTube India. This was unnecessary and could have been avoided.


Pakistan’s famous YouTuber Ducky Bhai exposed Elvish Yadav in a series of posts on the X platform, formally named Twitter. He said Pakistanis don’t even pay attention to “chapris” like him.

Furthermore, Ducky wrote he is happy to see people in India hating him and wanting him in jail. Maxtern and he has been following each other for years. He hopes Maxtern stays safe and gets justice. He also used the hashtag #ArrestElvishYadav.


After all that mess, Elvish Yadav posted a photo of him with Maxtern and captioned it with “Ek Ghar Mai Bartan Hote Hai Bajege toh sahi. Bhaichara On Top.”

After that, they both went live on Instagram and explained why all that mess happened. Maxtern told people that someone wanted me to go against Elvish Bhai. He will not name that person here. They are good now and everything is resolved.

Sagar Thakur (Maxtern) is an entrepreneur, a gamer, a content creator, and a traveler. He is famous for his YouTube videos and vlogs. He has almost 2 million followers on YouTube.

However, Elvish Yadav is a famous YouTuber, streamer, and singer. He recently won the title of Big Boss Season.

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