John Cena appeared naked at Oscars 2024 shocking fans

John Cena appeared naked at Oscars 2024

John Cena appeared naked at Oscars 2024 shocking fans

The Oscars 2024 ceremony became viral with the naked appearance of American actor and wrestler John Cena. The Oscars have a viral moment every year, that becomes one of the most famous moments in the Awards Show history. The ceremony took place in Los Angeles, United States of America.

John Cena became part of a famous moment when he appeared naked to present the Best Costume Design award on stage at the Oscars 2024 ceremony. It came after host Jimmy Kimmel invited the Oscars audience to remember a historical incident.

Jimmy asked the audience, Can you imagine if a naked man ran across the stage today? Wouldn’t that be crazy? He was surely hinting that something was about to happen on stage. That is when a clothless John Cena appeared from the corner of the stage.

John said to Jimmy he changed his mind. He does not want to do the streaker part. He doesn’t feel simply right about it. You (Jimmy) should be ashamed for suggesting such a nasty joke at an attractive event.

However, Jimmy responded dramatically that it was supposed to be a joke. It provoked a funny response from John who remarked the male body is not a jock.

Afterward, John gave the award with only the envelope containing the winners’ names covering his private parts resembling an earlier Oscars ceremony. Holly Waddington won the Best Costume Design award.

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Interestingly, the on-stage act referenced the Oscars ceremony in 1974, when a streaker (naked man) appeared behind presenter David Niven.

The streaker was Robert Opel, an American photographer and gallery owner. He entered the stage as a journalist and waved a peace sign when David introduced actress Elizabeth Taylor.

However, two armed robbers shot and assassinated Robert Opel after five years of Oscars in 1979. Hence, he is remembered as the 1974 Oscars streaker.

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