Western Australia Parkerville bushfire destroyed multiple homes

Western Australia Parkerville bushfire

Western Australia Parkerville bushfire destroyed multiple homes

An out-of-control bushfire has broken out in Parkerville which has destroyed multiple homes just days before Christmas in Western Australia. The government of Western Australia has issued an emergency alert for residents of Parkerville.

The heartbreaking photographs captured the moment of destroying homes in Parkerville due to an uncontrolled bushfire. Flames overtook buildings in Parkerville, Perth Hills at 3 p.m. Helicopter footage showed planes putting down the blaze with water.

It is unknown how many homes have been destroyed or damaged. The fire is blazing at an emergency level and advancing westward, threatening lives. The rescue crew has asked the residents of Parkerville to evacuate immediately in the aftermath of a devastating fire.

Residents of Hovea, Parkerville, and Stoneville who live along Boyamyne Road and Fringeleaf, Granite Road, Hedges Road, and Flora Road are in danger.

Emergency crews battling multiple bushfires across WA state

The Parkerville bushfire is one of two emergency-level bushfires raging in Western Australia. A separate fire in the Shire of Manjimup near the town of Northcliffe is also under emergency alert. The Manjimup fire is spreading westward towards the coastline and has consumed more than 30,000 hectares.

Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has issued emergency alerts for Parkerville and Stoneville in the Shire of Mundaring. Firefighters continue to battle the flames and aerial help is on standby.

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Authorities have advised people in the east of Gliddon Road to stay put. Because it is too late to flee. If it is safe to do so, everyone west of Gliddon Road may leave. Authorities have designated Brown Park on Salisbury Road in Swan View as an evacuation center.

Wind gusts of 44km/h pounded the fire ground overnight which created a challenging task for firefighters. They had been struggling for several hours to construct containment lines. However, due to mild rain, conditions have improved slightly.

Residents are bounded by Gumnut Road, Richardson Road, Lewis Road, and Warren Beach Track. Others include Tottenham Road, Pemberton Northcliffe Road, Barker Road, and Larkin Road.

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