US claims North Korea sending Russia military equipment

US claims North Korea sending Russia military equipment

US claims North Korea sending Russia military equipment

The United States of America (US) claims North Korea sending military equipment and thousands of weapons to Russia.

The US officials released this statement from the White House that North Korea is providing assistance through military weapons to Russia for its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

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The White House claimed that North Korea has delivered 1000 containers of equipment and ammunition to Russia for the Ukraine war. The US tracks the military shipments from North Korea to Russia. Officials also released photos of containers for transport in Najin, North Korea.

The US National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby says the US condemns North Korea for providing military equipment to Russia to kill Ukraine civilians.

The US claims North Korea sending Russia military equipment

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited Russia last month to discuss potential military cooperation. Kirby said the US believes Kim is looking for advanced Russian weapons in return for ammunition to boost its military and nuclear program. However, Kirby has not specified the nature of munitions provided by North Korea.

The released images from the White House show the containers loaded onto a Russian-flagged ship before moving into southwestern Russia via train. The White House says these containers were shipped between Sep 7 and Oct 1 between Najin, North Korea, and Dunay, Russia.

The US has also previously accused Russia of purchasing rockets and artillery shells from North Korea. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Feb 2022, the US has expressed its concerns about equipment exchange between Russia and North Korea.

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