Serbia launched Chinese-built high-speed train in Belgrade

Serbia launched Chinese-built high-speed train

Serbia launched Chinese-built high-speed train in Belgrade

Serbia launched a Chinese-built high-speed train in Belgrade and President Aleksandar Vucic also attended the opening ceremony. This ceremony happened at the Zemun train station.

President Aleksandar especially expressed gratitude to the China Communications Construction firm (CCCC). It is arguably the most impressive firm to have worked in Serbia.

He also expected that Serbia would soon begin constructing more high-speed Chinese-built high-speed domestic trains with China’s help.

Interior of the new Chinese-built high-speed train unveiled in Belgrade

President Aleksandar Vucic also revealed he placed an order with the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) for five trains. Serbia will use these trains for passenger transportation on the soon-to-be-finished Serbian part of the Belgrade-Budapest railway.

It is a 180-kilometer journey from Belgrade to Subotica, close to the border between Serbia and Hungary. It will only take one hour and ten minutes.

Aleksandar remarked that the company is a marvel and it is amazing how these people work. He responded to a question regarding train imports from China. He said their contract with China states that the last train will arrive in Serbia on December 31, 2025.

Aleksandar said China will finish the line before then, so they will ride that train on Belgrade-Subotica. The Chinese contractors have also finished building a railway between Novi Sad, Serbia’s second-biggest city, and the capital city of Belgrade.

They will also extend this railway station to Subotica in December 2024. Aleksandar said the renovated Belgrade-Novi Sad line revived Serbia’s railway transportation that opened in March 2022.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic expressed gratitude on train-railway collaboration with China

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According to Aleksandar, they import the most impressive and high-quality trains. He hopes they can construct them quickly. That would be crucial to Serbia’s development.

Serbia launched a Chinese-built high-speed train as one of the significant initiatives for China, Hungry, and Serbia’s collaborative construction of the Belt and Road in Central and Eastern Europe.

The launch of the Chinese-built high-speed train in Belgrade also marks a significant milestone in Serbia’s infrastructure development, demonstrating the fruitful collaboration between Serbia and China.

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