Pakistan’s first Human Milk Bank opened in Karachi

Pakistan's first Human Milk Bank opened

Pakistan’s first Human Milk Bank opened in Karachi

Sindh Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho at SICHN opened Pakistan’s first human milk bank in Korangi, Karachi. SICHN refers to the Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology.

This milk bank aims to provide milk to newborns who cannot feed their mother’s milk. The primary objective of this bank is to provide breast milk for premature or unwell children in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) whose mothers cannot feed their milk.

First Human Milk Bank in Korangi to provide vulnerable newborns with breastmilk

The vulnerable babies can receive essential nutrients, antibodies, and growth-promoting substances from donor milk. Human milk banks not only supply hospitalized newborns with donor milk.

But they can also educate and help nursing mothers, raise awareness of breastfeeding, and carry out research on human milk and lactation. Dr. Azra emphasized the importance of the Human Milk Bank at SICHN during the opening ceremony of the Human Milk Bank in Korangi.

She stated that SICHN would provide babies with breast milk by essential nourishment and vital immunity. Mothers able to provide breastfeeding should only give their newborn babies their milk, not even water, for the first six months after the birth of a baby.

However, Pakistan’s first human milk bank has opened in collaboration with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). Abdullah Fadil is a representative for UNICEF Pakistan.

Sindh opened the first human milk bank in Korangi with the collaboration of UNICEF

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He was also present at the opening ceremony of the milk bank. He proposed that UNICEF provide technical and financial assistance to create more human milk banks in Pakistan hospitals.

Prof. Jamal Raza is the executive director of the SICHN. He stated mother’s breastmilk is the original fast food. He noted that it provides all the nutrients, nourishment ingredients, and disease-fighting properties a newborn needs.

Jamal also explained that the Korangi-based human milk bank would receive donated human breast milk from nursing mothers. It will collect, process, store, and distribute it.

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