Queensland storm caused horrific death toll & billion cost damage

Queensland storm caused horrific death toll

Queensland storm caused horrific death toll & billion cost damage

The severe storm in Queensland has caused a horrific death toll and damage caused by recent storms to be in the billions. The horrific storm in Queensland and Victoria has caused the death toll to eight people.

A nine-year-old autistic girl and two former Queensland Rugby players are among the deceased people. David Logan and Stephen Tait were former Rugby players who died after the terrible storm hit their boat. However, the nine-year-old girl’s name was Mia Holland McCormac who died being swept into a storm drain.

Queensland Priemer Steven Miles said that he is heartbroken to hear of the deaths caused by the severe storms in South East Queensland overnight. Every Queenslander will remember and pray for those families.

Steven went on to say they are working around the clock to restore power to households damaged by storms. There are around 91,000 homes in Queensland that have been without power supply.

Moreover, Steven expects the storm damage to be in the billions of dollars. He thinks they are already expecting damage costs in billions from the Far North Queensland Cyclone Jasper event. However, the recent storm has hit very densely populated areas.

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According to Steven, the storm particularly brought down a concrete power line on Christmas day on Dec 25, 2023. It is the first time a concrete power line has been destroyed by a storm. That is quite substantial and unexpected.

Queensland Energy Minister Mark de Brenni told media that 950 powerlines across the southeast Queensland with 800 of them on the Gold Coast.

Mark said they are likely to see that number grow throughout today as their crews are able and in better weather conditions to make more assessments. As a result, the task may become more difficult before it becomes easier.

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