Police recovered stolen N50m from Mr Ibu actor & arrested his son

Police recovered stolen N50m from Mr Ibu

Police recovered stolen N50m from Mr Ibu actor & arrested his son

Ikoyi Police have recovered stolen money of N50m Naira from sick Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu and arrested his son Onyebuchi Okafor. The original name of Ibu is John Okafor, but he is famous as Mr. Ibu.

Police Detectives at the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) in Ikoyi, Lagos, have recovered stolen N50m from Mr Ibu. They have seized 50 million Naira from the hacked bank account of Mr. Ibu.

However, they have also arrested Ibu’s son Onyebuchi Okafor, and his lover Jasmine Okekegwu. The Yaba Magistrate Court has charged them with conspiracy and theft.

The spokesperson for FCID, ASP Mayegun Aminat, revealed they arrested them in response to a Sep 2023 petition. Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris Okafor filed this petition. According to the petition, Ibu’s son Daniel and lover Jasmine conspired to defraud Ibu.

ASP Mayegun also stated an inquiry revealed Ibu launched a public fundraising campaign to get donations from fans, entertainment, industry personnel, and the general public for her medical expenses.

Ibu has had to undergo major surgery since blood clotting started in his leg. He gathered funds for necessary expensive surgery to stop spreading blood clots in other body parts.

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Earlier, his wife Stella handled the finances for medical expenses and family support. Later on, Onyebuchi and Jasmine manipulated Stella to gain access to Ibu’s son and hack his bank account details.

According to Mayegun, the duo gained access to the mobile banking application of Ibu and made fraudulent transfers from the public fundraising account to Onyebuchi’s personal bank account. Hence, they transferred a total of 55 million Naira.

Furthermore, Mayegun revealed both suspects, Jasmine and Onyebuchi, had a fake marriage at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry to flee Nigeria to the United Kingdom (UK). They planned to settle there with criminal gains.

Therefore, they had already applied for a UK visa under the plan before their arrest. The inquiry also unveiled WhatsApp text messages between Jasmine and Onyebuchi, which showed how they planned and devised their criminal schemes.

The Chief Magistrates Court 1, Yaba, charged Jasmine and Onyebuchi with fraudulent crimes. Their case will resume on March 11, 2024.

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