Police arrested wife of missing Nairobi businessman found dead

Police arrested wife of missing Nairobi businessman

Police arrested wife of missing Nairobi businessman found dead

Police detectives from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau have arrested the wife of a missing Nairobi businessman, found dead in Lukenya, Machakos. The name of the dead businessman was Jayesh Kanji.

They detained the wife of the deceased because she was the last person seen with the Jayesh. The dead man went missing before his death on Feb 14, 2024.

The suspected wife appeared in the court of Kibera, where investigators asked her in connection with the murder of Jayesh Kumar Kayani. Police arrested the wife of a missing Nairobi businessman a day after one of the four suspects in police custody provided crucial information about the death of Jayesh.

Five people are currently in police custody in connection with the homicide. Police investigations found that the objective was to harm him.

According to sources, Jayesh was facing punishment for having an extramarital affair. So, the wife of the deceased has an alleged role in killing him. The identity of the alleged wife has not been disclosed.

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One of the suspects alleges a member of a businessman’s family approached him in December to punish Jayesh. According to the police, Jayesh left his home on Valentine’s Day with his wife and children. They were walking down together along Kodi Road in Nairobi West around 9:30 a.m. Then, he parted ways with his family.

Afterward, one suspect, Kaylan Shivji claimed to pick up Jayesh at the petrol station in Lang’ata. Kaylan took him to Machakos County. Jayesh had not been seen alive since.

Following the absence of Jayesh, his brothers, Hetish Kumar and Dipak Valij, rushed to Lang’ata Police Station to report him missing. Afterward, police discovered the dead body of Jayesh in Lukenya Wetlands.

The police detained the first suspect at Tuff Foam in Athi River. The suspect murdered struck Jayesh in the head before killing him. However, the court gave detectives 21 days to hold the suspects and complete their investigation.

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