Deepwater bushfire destroys home in Queensland

Deepwater bushfire destroys home in Queensland

Deepwater bushfire destroys home in Queensland

A major bushfire destroys one home and another structure in Deepwater, Gladstone region of Queensland. This fire outburst on Tuesday night and continues to burn out of control.

Fire crews are urging the residents of Deepwater to leave immediately as bushfire continues to flare up. They suggest it is not safe to return for some residents of Deepwater.

Deepwater bushfire destroys home in Queensland

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QFES issues high alert for Queensland residents

Incident controller of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), Paul Storrs said firefighters were battling poor weather after fighting 80-kilometer-per-hour winds overnight. He said that the weather is not favorable, and they still have difficult conditions this afternoon. The wind and the humidity are not in their favor at the moment.

Moreover, he said there is potential that the fire could grow again. That is why, they are suggesting the residents of Deepwater not to return home. The high alert is for areas including Capricornia Drive, Pacific Drive, Oceania Court, Sorensen, and Muller Road.

Mr Storrs revealed that over 2,800 hectares of bushland have burnt due to fire. He said it is an area with a significant amount of fuel load, dense bush, and a swampland area. ABC News reported it.

There are twenty-five appliances fighting to prevent bushfires including five helicopters and a large air tanker plane dropping fire retardant. These retardant includes salts typically fertilizers which reduce the intensity of fire and slow down the fire advancement.

Matt Burnett, Mayor of Gladstone urged residents to remain strong. He said it is almost five years to the day and he has been speaking to residents of the community who were involved in Deepwater in 2018 and anxiety has certainly set in. He said in regard to the 2018 heavy bushfire outburst in Deepwater that ruined the region badly.

Burnett encouraged residents saying they are a resilient community who know what they are doing and are well prepared. He advised Deepwater residents to follow the directions and instructions from QFES and police.

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