Meningitis outbreak in Yobe killed 20 people and quarantined 206

Meningitis outbreak in Yobe

Meningitis outbreak in Yobe killed 20 people and quarantined 206

The Yobe State government has quarantined 206 people in response to an outbreak of meningitis as 20 people have died. An outbreak of cerebrospinal meningitis has killed a total of 26 people in the Yobe and Gombe states of Nigeria.

Yobe State Ministry of Health spokesperson, Sulaiman Gimba, said the state had recorded 20 deaths in the Potiskum, Fika, and Fune. He also stated the dead victims were students of Science Technical College and Government Girls Science Technical College.

Also, students of Federal Government Girls College died. All these educational institutes are located in the Potiskum Local Government Areas.

According to Sulaiman, the Yobe State government has ordered vaccinations in preparation for a statewide immunization boost to fight the spread of meningitis disease.

Furthermore, Sulaiman stated the state governor has directed the Ministry of Health to send 20 medical personnel. They will work with all medical staff of the Potiskum General Hospital and three primary health centers in three LGAs to manage the situation. LGAs refer to Local Government Areas.

Meanwhile, the Yobe government has scheduled an urgent statewide mass vaccination. It will begin as the state receives the necessary medications and vaccinations. Hence, The government has already placed a vaccination order.

In addition, the Yobe Education Commissioner Dr. Muhammad Idris, and his permanent secretary are directed to quarantine temporarily in Potiskum Hospital. Similarly, the Executive Secretary of the Science Technical Board and the Teaching Service Board chairman have the same instructions.

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Dr. Habu Dahiru is the Commissioner for Health in Gombe State. He also revealed that the state had lost six people owing to the fatal sickness, meningitis.

He said they collected samples from Gombe areas, Nafada, and Funakaye. They sent samples for laboratory tests which confirmed cerebrospinal meningitis (CSM) as the killer disease.

However, Meningitis is an infection of tissues around the brain and spinal cord. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites usually cause it. It can be deadly and needs medical treatment on the spot to survive. It may also spread from person to person.

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