Greens stage second senate protest for Gaza ceasefire

Greens stage second senate protest for Gaza ceasefire

Greens stage second senate protest for Gaza ceasefire

Australian political party The Greens stage second senate protest calling out for ceasefire in Gaza. The Greens introduced a resolution calling for an Israeli ceasefire in Gaza following continuous attacks by Israel.

The Greens have protested for the second time in just four days in support of Palestinians asking for a humanitarian ceasefire. The Senators of Greens held up printed signs that said “ceasefire now”.

Senator Jordon Steele-John moved a resolution demanding that the government condemn Israel’s continued invasion and that all parties support a cease-fire. Mr. Jordan stated that we must unite with the community and declare a ceasefire now.

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This comes after The Greens walked out of Senate Question Time earlier this week. Because of the government’s response to the bloodshed between Israel and Hamas. Senator Mehreen Faruqi backlashed the Australian government. She said the government is watching the massacre of thousands of Palestinians by Israel and not condemning Israel.

Greens stage second senate protest for Gaza ceasefire

However, several figures from the political spectrum of Australia have criticized the move of the Greens as “performative”. Former speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop says the Greens’ protest in the Senate shows they only care about being the “ruling elite”.

Foreign Affairs Minister and government leader in the Upper House Penny Wong called the resolution by Greens “dramatization”. He accused the Greens of politicizing the conflict for their own political gain.

Ms. Penny maintained the approach of the Australian government on the conflict which is more cautious in recent weeks. As worldwide criticism of Israel has grown. While it is a considerable fact that Australia has stood with international parties who have called for a humanitarian ceasefire.

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