Girl stabbed boyfriend 108 times after smoking strong marijuana

Girl stabbed boyfriend 108 times

Girl stabbed boyfriend 108 times after smoking strong marijuana

A girl named Bryn Spejcher stabbed her boyfriend Chad O’Melia about 108 times during a marijuana-induced psychotic episode. Her lawyer revealed to the court that she ingested marijuana with a THC level of more than 30%.

The amount she ingested is much higher than the normal amount. When girl Bryn stabbed her boyfriend 108 times, she used a type of marijuana with 31.8% THC. Bryn killed Chad O’Melia with a knife in 2018. However, her lawyer has used her marijuana ingestion as a defense in court.

Michael Goldstein, her lawyer, told Fox News that the defense of marijuana-induced psychosis was based on the evidence of both Dr. William Wirshing and Dr. Kris Mohandie. Dr. William is a famous psychiatrist. Dr. Kris is a prosecution expert.

According to them, a marijuana type that Bryn used had a sticker on it with the label “Tolerance Users Only” because it had more than the normal amount of THC, which is between 18 and 24%.

Once the police were called to Bryn’s apartment when she stabbed her dog and then herself several times while she was asleep, Bryn survived 43 self-inflicted wounds and multiple surgeries.

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Initially, the court gave the verdict of two years jail sentence on probation and 100 hours of community service. However, after conducting a detailed investigation, the court charges were reduced to unintentional murder due to the presence of marijuana-induced psychotic disorder.

However, the reduced charges against Bryn have caused protests outside the Ventura County Superior Courthouse. They are protesting in support of Chad O’Melia’s family. They are demanding a serious punishment from Judge David Worley.

It came after Judge David Worley gave the verdict that Bryn Spejcher would not face imprisonment considering her marijuana-psychotic condition. However, the case is still ongoing. Judge David said that Bryn had no control over her actions in the case of killing Chad by accident.

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