Gibran tactics in Presidential Debate became controversial

Gibran tactics in Presidential Debate

Gibran tactics in Presidential Debate became controversial

The tactics of Indonesian politician Gibran Rakabuming Raka with his opponent Mahfud MD for the Vice Presidential Debate 2024 became controversial.

Gibran is a mayor of Surakarta and son of Indonesian President Joko Widodo. However, Mohammad Mahfud Mahmodin is popular as Mahfud MD. Mahfud is Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs.

Vice Presidential candidate number two, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, is thought to have been planning to damage the mentality of his opponents during presidential debates. The same happened in the fourth debate of the 2024 presidential election between Gibran and Mahfud in Semarang.

Gibran was Vice Presidential candidate number two. However, Mahfud was Vice Presidential candidate number three. Gibran started to play different tactics with his counterpart Mahfud during this presidential debate. Mahfud MD, says Gibran’s tactics and tough questions have been planned. 

Mahfud also assumed that Gibran received training to do this because a trainer believed Gibran, like his debate opponent, was unfamiliar with environmental issues. According to Mahfud, his rivals have specifically educated Gibran to ask difficult questions to shame his debate opponents.

Gibran used to make weird gestures and cheered loudly while encountering Mahfud in a humiliating way during the debate. Mahfud believed that Gibran got training to do this because a trainer believed Gibran did not comprehend environmental issues. 

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Furthermore, Mahfud said Gibran did this and that (cheering) to embarrass me. He will embarrass him back. Even though what Gibran did had no content. He called it a loose question when Gibran asked Mahfud how to overcome green inflation.

Mahfud stated that Indonesia is still implementing a green economy program to accomplish the Indonesia 2045 vision. It will make it impossible to explain green inflation or the increase in costs of environmentally friendly goods would occur owing to high demand. 

According to Mahfud, Gibran’s question about green economy inflation is irrelevant to Indonesia’s future development. Green inflation refers to the increased prices or supply chain problems for various commodities due to environmentally friendly projects.

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