Five Canadians killed in Israel-HAMAS war

Five Canadians killed in Israel-HAMAS war

Five Canadians killed in Israel-HAMAS war

Global Affairs confirms that five Canadians were killed in Israel after a series of attacks in the ongoing Israel-HAMAS war. Canadians in the besieged Gaza Strip are trapped and have still no way to get out of war place.

Sources say three other Canadians who were in Israel when the attacks happened on Oct 7, 2023, are still missing. The Government of Canada has now confirmed the death of five Canadian nationals.

The family of Israeli-Canadian Shir Georgy, who went missing when Hamas militants attacked a music festival in southern Israel, said the 22-year-old has died. The Global News reported it.

Five Canadians killed in the Israel-HAMAS war including 22-year-old Israeli-Canadian Shir Georgy – Source (Global News)

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Global Affairs didn’t provide the details of the fifth person who died and those who are missing due to privacy concerns. Assistant Deputy Minister, Julie Sunday said in a media briefing in Ottawa that the Canadian Government has entire focus on addressing the cases of missing persons. Whom they continue to try to locate and bring back to safety in Canada.

Canada considers HAMAS a terrorist organization. Canadian leaders have condemned the violence that took place last week near the Palestinian territory of Gaza. It resulted in several deaths and injuries. The death and injury rate has risen since Israel retaliated to the HAMAS attack.

According to Canadian sources, over 6,800 registered Canadians are in Israel and more than 450 in West Bank and Gaza. The Canadian government claims it is recently assisting 3,300 of its permanent residents. It is working to get up to three hundred Canadians and their families out of Gaza as Israel has the intention to invade Gaza.

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