Dingo attacked three people on K’gari and was killed

Dingo attacked three people on K'gari

Dingo attacked three people on K’gari and was killed

Wildlife authorities confirmed the dingo, an ancient lineage of dogs attacked three people, two young children, and a man, in separate incidents on K’gari. However, K’gari is a Fraser Island in Australia where dingoes exist.

After the incident of three people attacked by the dingo, wildlife officials killed the dingo on K’gari. Dingo attacked three times over the past week in the Hook part area, the southernmost part of Fraser Island, a heritage-listed sand island.

In one case, a girl in elementary school had significant cuts on her leg due to bites of Dingo on Jan 12. Earlier, dingo bit another girl on the thigh on Jan 4.

According to a statement from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), a dingo bit a man at the Hook area on Jan 15, 2024. They said they had marked dingo had been acting more dangerously over the past few weeks.

A QPSW spokesperson said they had to decide to put the dingo down. Because its behavior got worse, however, killing a dingo should only be done as a last option. Because it can hurt the people and the natural ecological and cultural health of the Island of K’gari.

In 2023, there were almost 30 dingo attacks on K’gari Island. It shows a significant rise compared to five dingo attacks in 2022 and thirteen in 2021.

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QPWS has warned the people who visit the island several times to be dingo-safe. Because dingoes attack cunningly having fast speed and natural interest towards humans.

Some QPWS’s tips are to keep young children and teens close, carry a stick, and walk in groups. It also urged people not to feed dingoes or leave food in open spaces around the camping area.

QPWS has the difficult job of finding a balance between public safety and the preservation of dingoes on K’gari. Dingoes belong to the preserved species with archaeological and cultural value.

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