Death of teenager in WA youth detention sparks outrage

Death of teenager in WA youth detention sparks outrage

Death of teenager in WA youth detention sparks outrage

The government of Western Australia (WA) is facing great pressure over its youth detention system after the death of a teenager as it sparks public outrage.

Cleveland Dodd was the name of a dead teenager. Senator Dorinda Cox of the Greens political party says this “should be the red line in the sand” to take action on deaths in detention. Greens are calling Commonwealth Government to intervene in this matter.

How did Cleveland die?

Cleveland was a sixteen-year-old boy who died last Thursday after he self-harmed in the controversial juvenile custody unit at Casuarina Prison.

The teenager was locked in his cell in unit eighteen for up to 23 hours a day. There are claims that a guard fell asleep during his duty on that night. He has been suspended and an inquiry is going on for him.

However, Corrective Services Minister Paul Papalia said he can’t go into any details regarding this matter. He was asked multiple times in press conferences whether the allegations on guard were right that he fell asleep. But Mr. Paul did not confirm it.

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Amnesty International Australia accuses the WA Government

A number of people have protested for change in Western Australia after the death of a teenager in state custody. Amnesty International Australia expresses its strong concern at the death of a younger child whom authorities imprisoned at Casuarina maximum-security adult prison.

National Indigenous Times reports that human rights experts say the WA government ignored the warnings of children imprisoned at Unit 18. They experience intolerable levels of distress. The WA government put their safety at risk.

Amnesty International Australia accused WA premiere Roger Cook and Corrective Services Minister Paul Paplilia. They ignored the repeated warnings of children incarcerated at Unit 18 experience before the death of Cleveland.

Amnesty noted that there are more than 500 reported incidents of teenagers. They committed suicide or self-harm in the juvenile detention system of WA in the last two years.

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