7 Indian tourists forced to join Russian Army seek government help

7 Indian tourists forced to join Russian Army

7 Indian tourists forced to join Russian Army seek government help

A group of 7 Indian tourists was forced to join the Russian Army for military service and assigned to fight against Ukraine. They have appealed to the Indian government to help and rescue them immediately.

Indian tourists are from areas of Punjab and Haryana. Five of them are from Punjab and the other two hailed from Haryana. The seven Indians are Gagandeep Singh (24), Lovepreet Singh (24), and Narain Singh (22). Others include Gurpreet Singh (21), Gurpreet Singh (23), Harsh Kumar (20) and Abhishek Kumar (21).

This matter came to light when Indians made a 105-second video and shared it on the social media platform, X. The seven Indians appeared wearing military winter jackets or skull helmets in the video. They reside in a dark and filthy room with a closed window.

Six of them are grouped in a corner while the seventh Indian identified as Harsh shoots a video message, describing their situation and requesting help. He said they left for Russia on Dec 27, 2024, to celebrate New Year on 90-day tourist visas for the Russia trip, but instead went to neighboring Belarus.

Because an agent offered to take them to Belarus, they had no idea they needed a visa. When they reached Belarus without a visa, the agent asked for additional money before abandoning them.

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Afterward, the police arrested them and handed them over to Russian authorities who forced them to sign documents. Hence, they forced 7 Indian tourists to join the Russian army to fight in the war against Ukraine.

Harsh stated in the video that Russian authorities forced them to join the Russian Army or risk ten years in prison. Moreover, they have told them to work as helpers in the Russian military. They have enlisted them for arms and ammunition training and intend to send them to Ukraine.

Even though Russian authorities also kept them hungry and took their phones to force them to participate in Russia’s war against Ukraine. Hence, the trapped Indian tourists appeal to the Indian government to rescue and help them immediately.

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