Sijjin movie faces backlash from Muslims for depicting black magic

Sijjin movie faces backlash from Muslims for depicting black magic

Sijjin movie faces backlash from Muslims for depicting black magic

The story of the horror movie Sijjin (2023) faces severe backlash from Muslims since it depicts black magic. The main reason for criticism is the portrayal of black magic in the movie.

The new horror film “Sijjin” has sparked debate among some netizens owing to its promoting strategy and content. Critic Muslims find that it is forbidden to promote or witness such immoral conduct (black magic) in Islamic culture. In this regard, the Sijjin movie faces backlash from Muslims.

However, the film’s marketing crew conducted a ceremony at a Malaysian cinema with actors dressed in prayer clothes chanting in front of a “dead body”. Many internet users found this offensive and disrespectful to their Islamic beliefs.

Afterward, The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) asked Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) to replace the movie poster in response to the backlash. It included Arabic texts on a black cloth wrapped around a possessed lady by black magic.

The direction of FINAS came after they found that the Throne Verse of the “Ayat ul Kursi” was displayed in an earlier official poster on a black fabric wrapped around a woman who was cursed.

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The horror film “Sijjin” came out on Dec 28, 2023. An Indonesian director, Hadrah Daeng Ratu, directed the movie. However, Rapi Films produced Sijjin. Ibrahim Risyad, Anggika Bolsterli, and Niken Anjani portrayed the movie roles. The film is a remake of the Turkish horror film “SİCCÎN” from 2014. It is based on a true story.

The story of Sijjin revolves around a young woman named Irma who falls in love with her married cousin Galang. Irma, driven by love for Galang, hires a shaman to cast black magic on Galang’s wife. A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in the world of good and evil spirits.

This causes a series of supernatural occurrences, possessions, and deaths in the home of Galang. On the other hand, Irma quickly experiences that she has also become a target of the same danger and dark magic.

In short, the movie Sijjin got negative feedback in the Muslim world, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia as it showed black magic. Because, some Islamic cultures don’t allow people to support or see immoral things, like black magic.

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