Netflix’s release “Love at First Sight” Trending on Netflix

"Love at First Sight" Trending on Netflix

Netflix’s release “Love at First Sight” Trending on Netflix

Netflix’s new release “Love at First Sight” Trending on Netflix and people are incredibly liking this movie very much. The movie’s main cast is Haley Lu Richardson, Ben Hardy, and Jameela Jamil. The movie was released on 15th September on Netflix and it is already taking the internet by storm. Haley Lu Richardson is playing the character of Hadley Sullivan and Beny Hardy is playing the character of Oliver Jones.

Love at First Sight Trailer – Netflix

The story revolves around two people Hadley Sullivan and Oliver Jones who fell in love on a flight to London. In the trailer it shows Hadley Sullivan, heading to London for a wedding while Oliver Jones seems to be anxious about sharing his reason for visiting London.

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After the flight, Oliver gives his phone number to Hadley, but Hadley loses it when her phone breaks. Later, they both try to meet up, and their story is about how love brings them together, even when things don’t go as planned.

Even though they come from different backgrounds and have led different lives, they find out that love can overcome challenges.

As their love story unfolds, it’s a story of passion, strength, and how love can make two people so strong and affectionate to meet each other.

What are your reviews on this passionate “Love at First Sight” movie?

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