Prince Harry and Meghan slammed for naming daughter Lilibet

Prince Harry and Meghan slammed

Prince Harry and Meghan slammed for naming daughter Lilibet

British Royal Family lefties Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markel have been slammed for naming their daughter “Lilibet.” They named their daughter “Lilibet Diana” in 2021 when they were members of the British Royal Family.

The controversy started when Royal biographer Robert Hardman reported that Queen Elizabeth was angry over the claim of Harry and Meghan they had permission to use her nickname “Lilibet” for their daughter. He made these claims in his book “Charles III: New King.”

Afterward, people slammed Prince Harry and Meghan. They accused them of lying and that they got permission from Quen Elizabeth to use this name. However, the couple insisted that they had the consent of the late Queen to use her nickname for their daughter.

According to an insider source, they are shocked that all this happening now when the Queen herself was not present to witness the matter. It seems out of nowhere. They feel like it is part of a smear campaign against them.

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The historical background of the name “Lilibet”

When Queen Elizabeth II was a little girl, she had trouble saying her own name “Elizabeth.” So, her grandfather, King George V, lovingly called her “Lilibet” while playfully imitating her efforts to say her real name. This sweet nickname stuck and became a special and enduring part of her identity.

Only a few people used this name as her parents, sister, and husband, Prince Philip. So, it was very special to her. She would have expected her close family members to ask her permission before using this name.

According to the Sun magazine, Royal photographer Arthur Edward expressed his views on the Lilibet controversy. Arthur states that Harry had a clear record of bashing his family and made accusations against royals through his documentaries and book “Spare Us.”

According to Arthur, they are now finding out not only his (Hary) perceptions vary. But some of his accusations were somewhat imaginary. Moreover, he said, “They say revenge is the best dish served cold. That is what Buckingham Palace has done.” He is referring the “Buckingham Palace” to the senior working members of the royal family.

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