MS Dhoni sued for defamation lawsuit by his ex-business partners

MS Dhoni sued for defamation lawsuit

MS Dhoni sued for defamation lawsuit by his ex-business partners

Former business partners of Mahendra Singh (MS) Dhoni have sued him in a defamation lawsuit against him in the Delhi High Court. They demanded a permanent ban on him in a defamation case.

Former business partners Mihit Diwakar and his wife Soumya Das sued Dhoni in a defamation lawsuit. Moreover, they filed a request for a permanent ban and penalties against Dhoni, social media platforms, and media companies.

According to the Press Trust of India Ltd (PTI), the petitioners urged the high court to restrict the alleged people from conducting, transmitting, or publishing claims about themselves that are harmful, defamatory, or untrue.

According to the petition, the accused are forbidden from damaging the reputation of petitioners in connection with the bogus statements of Dhoni. It is about alleged illegal income of 16 crore INR and contract violations since 2017.

The court will conduct a hearing on Jan 18, 2024, before Justice Prathiba M Singh. Earlier, Dhoni filed a criminal action against petitioners for allegedly frauding him of 16 crore Indian rupees.

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Dhoni has filed a criminal action against Mihit and Soumya on Jan 5, 2024. He claimed Mihit and Soumya defrauded him of approximately 16 crore INR. They failed to fulfill a contract to construct cricket schools.

According to PTI, a lower court in Ranchi has heard the case against Mihit and Soumya as directors of Aarka Sports. However, this case refers to 2017, when Mihit secured a contract with Dhoni to open cricket schools around the world.

According to Dhoni’s case, Mihit and Soumya failed to fulfill the terms of the agreement. It included the establishment of a cricket academy.

Aarka Sports had to pay the franchise fee and split profits in the mentioned ratio following the agreement. But they failed to fulfill all of the terms and conditions.

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