King Charles urged to cut ties with Prince Andrew over scandal

King Charles urged to cut ties with Prince Andrew

King Charles urged to cut ties with Prince Andrew over scandal

Royal King Charles III has been urged to cut ties with his younger brother Prince Andrew over the Jeffery Epstein scandal link. Prince Andrew is facing accusations related to the sex trafficking scandal and sexual assault case.

This scandal shows his connection with convicted Jeffery Epstein. Jeffery is a notorious sexual abuser of children. All this came out when the name of Andrew appeared on the front pages of newly revealed court records of Jeffery Epstein.

Prince Andrew’s name came 69 times in new US court papers released on Jan 4, 2024. It included the clients of the late sex criminal Jeffery Epstein. Andrew did not only participate in an underage orgy. But he also frequently visited Jeffery’s owned Caribbean resort known as pedophile island. A pedophile refers to an individual who is sexually attracted to children.

Now, royals have urged King Charles to cut ties with disgraced Prince Andrew. According to the Sun, Royal commentator Phil Dampier called the scandal the “final nail in the coffin”.

He said if Andrew had any hopes that he might eventually return to the royal family, this scandal destroyed these hopes. Moreover, he tweeted a picture of Prince Andrew and Jeffery Epstein and captioned it was not a good start to the year for Andrew Prince.

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Royal expert Robert Jobson also expressed similar concerns. He said the King would be wise to cut ties with his brother. Andrew is a burden and this scandal is not going away.

Andrew has been in the bad books of Britains after sex abuse survivor Virginia Giuffre sued him for two years ago. Afterward, he lost his royal title and his post as a working royal.

However, there is a perception that King Charles has continued to show mercy to his brother since his accession.

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