Hollywood actor Ryan O’Neal dies aged 82

Hollywood actor Ryan O'Neal dies aged 82

Hollywood actor Ryan O’Neal dies aged 82

A leading Hollywood actor Ryan O’Neal who is famous for his iconic roles in films such as Love Story and Paper Moon dies aged 82. His son Patrick O’Neal shared the news of his death in a series of emotional posts.

Patrick O’Neal posted on Instagram that his father died with his loving team by his side, supporting and loving him in the same way that he would us. He went on to express his emotions to show what a wonderful man he is. Patrick called his father as “my hero.”

Patrick wrote he (Ryan) always seemed larger than life, which is why he looked up to him. His dad was a Peyton Place TV star when he was born in 1967. It was there that he met my mother, Leigh Taylor-Young, and he was born approximately nine months later.

Hollywood actor Ryan O'Neal dies aged 82
Rayan O’Neal along with his son Patrick O’Neal

He stated his dad shot to fame on a global scale with the film Love Story in the early 1970s. He went on to feature in films such as What’s Up, Doc?, Paper Moon, and Barry Lyndon. As well as A Bridge Too Far, The Main Event, and The Driver throughout this decade, which he dominated. He is a legendary figure in Hollywood.

Hollywood actor Ryan O’Neal dies aged 82

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Two cancer diagnoses follow the tragic news of O’Neal’s death. In 2001, the late actor became ill with chronic leukemia, then in 2012, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Ryan starred in Peyton Place alongside fellow actresses Joanna Moore and Leigh Taylor-Young. He got married to both these two actresses for a while and later divorced. Afterward, he dated Charlie’s Angels singer Farrah Fawcett for three decades. They were still together till the death of Farrah in 2009.

Ryan was the father of four children. He shared Redmond James Fawcett O’Neal with his longtime companion Farrah. Patrick O’Neal with his second wife Taylor-Young. And Tatum O’Neal and Griffin O’Neal with his first wife Moore.

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