Dwayne Johnson responds to his wax statue criticism

Dwayne Johnson responds to his wax statue criticism

Dwayne Johnson responds to his wax statue criticism

Famous Hollywood celebrity Dwayne Johnson responds to his wax statue that received criticism after it was unveiled in a Paris museum.

Dwayne addressed the wide criticism of fans saying there will be a do-over waxwork. People criticized the statue for what they perceived as ‘whitewashing.

Dwayne Johnson responds to his wax statue criticism

Musée Grévin unveiled the wax figure of the professional wrestler-turned-actor last week at London’s Madame Tussauds. After the revelation of “The Rock” statute, it started receiving widespread criticism on social media. The Fast and Furious star himself was also not satisfied and he ridiculed his wax statue.

The Rock joined the widespread criticized realm of social media regarding his whitewashed wax statue on Sunday. He wrote on his Instagram profile that he is going to have his team reach out to friends at Grevin Museum along with a reposted video of comedian James Andre Jefferson. He says he is approaching the museum team so that they can work on “updating” his wax figure with some important details and improvements starting with his skin color.

Comedian James expressed his critical views in a video saying “Dwayne statue” made him feel “low-key offended”. He said the statue looks like Johnson works at H&R Block or something…Is this how you all felt when you lost The Little Mermaid? Furthermore, he said it looks like The Rock ain’t never seen the sun a day in his life. It looks like The Rock is part of the royal family.

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Stephane Barret sculptured The Rock statue

Musée Grévin houses about 250 statues of celebrities. It wrote on its website that sculptor Stephane Barret faced many challenges as he had to rely on photos and videos alone.

After widespread criticism on social media, Musée Grévin says that it is improving the wax statue of Dwayne Johnson. It made the announcement on Oct 23, 2023, that its artists were working on improving the waxwork. It wrote, “Audience feedback is always valuable to them.”

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