Vinicius Jr supports Mike Maignan after racial abuse

Vinicius Jr supports Mike Maignan

Vinicius Jr supports Mike Maignan after racial abuse

Brazilian footballer Vinicius Jr supports French footballer Mike Maignan after he faced racial abuse during a league match against Udinese. Mike plays for the AC Milan football club.

It happened when Mike Maignan faced racist taunts during a league match against Udinese. Following this, Real Madrid player Vinicius Junior offered his support to Mike.

Meanwhile, Vinicius also faced racist remarks. He played the whole ninety minutes and scored a controversial goal that sparked debate among supporters. Afterward, Vinicius supported Mike on his X Twitter account after the match.

Vinicius has experienced racism on multiple occasions in Spain. He has been actively combating racism. He also became the head of FIFA’s anti-racism council comprised of players. In this regard, Vinicius Jr supports Mike Maignan.

He endorsed Mike’s tweet and wrote on his X Twitter that words alone would not be sufficient. He called authorities to take the offenders into custody right away. Just talking won’t change anything. He demanded racists be put in jail for them to feel ashamed of their identity.

Furthermore, he also expressed gratitude to those who genuinely stood by them in this fight. He regrets those who only show up here to gain sympathy via media. He emphasizely wrote, always by your side, Maignan.

After Mike defeated Udinese 3-2, He had already spoken about racism. He said he heard monkey chants after winning his first goal kick but decided not to answer. They repeated it then on the second goal kick.

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Mike remarked he informed the fourth official. He called to the dugout of what had happened. He stated they cannot play in these conditions as it has not happened with him or other players for the first time.

Furthermore, he wrote those (racist passing remarkers) are ignorant people. It is normal to get jeered or whistled when they are away from home, but what occurred tonight has no place in football.

Then, Mike declared that he would battle against racism and called out everyone who had done nothing to stop the racism incident on the ground.

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