Usman Khawaja will challenge ICC’s decision for message shoes

Usman Khawaja will challenge ICC's decision for message shoes

Usman Khawaja will challenge ICC’s decision for message shoes

Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja says he will challenge ICC’s decision not to allow him to wear shoes in support of Palestine. He expressed it on social media posts saying he would follow the decision of ICC to avoid individual or team sanctions but would challenge it.

Usman has expressed his disappointment over the decision of the ICC to prevent him from wearing does with a pro-Palestine message. He said all lives are equal and freedom is a human right. He is raising his voice for human rights and humanitarian appeals. If you see it any other way, it is on you.

Usman planned to wear cricket shoes with the slogans “Freedom is a human right” and “All lives are equal”. These slogans were written in the colors of the Palestinian flag. He wanted to wear it on the first test match against Pakistan today in Perth.

ICC considered his message as a sign of solidarity for Palestine despite his clarification that the message was all about human lives sacrificed in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Why ICC didn’t allow Usman Khawaja to wear shoes?

ICC didn’t allow Usman to wear shoes following the ICC Clothing and Equipment Act. Team Captain Pat Cummins confirmed that Usman won’t wear shoes featuring a message of Palestine support in today’s match.

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Wearing the shoes would have violated the International Cricket Council’s Clothing and Equipment Rules and Regulations. It prohibits players from wearing clothing with statements that relate to politics, religious, or racial activities or causes in international matches.

Khawaja expressed his frustration with the ICC for allowing other social causes to go unpunished. He said other players wear religious symbols on their equipment which is against ICC rules. But ICC never says anything about it.

So that was probably the most frustrating part because ICC came down hard on me. And it does not always come down hard on everyone else.

He went on to say all he can do is fight it appropriately. He is not going to get upset because there’s already enough emotion in this. In this regard, Usman Khawaja will challenge the ICC’s decision.

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