Toni Kroos retired from football after Germany elimination from Euro 2024

Toni Kroos retired from football

Toni Kroos retired from football after Germany elimination from Euro 2024

German football star Toni Kroos has officially retired from International football after the elimination of Germany from the Euro 2024 tournament. He was a well-known player for clubs including Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Germany hosts the recent ongoing Euro 2024 tournament though it got eliminated from the championship at the quarterfinal stage by losing to Spain. It was a thrilling match in which Spain defeated Germany by 2-1.

However, Toni expressed hope for a good future for the German football team though he took retirement after it. After playing his last game as a professional football player, legendary midfielder Toni Kroos praised his teammates in Germany.

Toni’s remarkable football career came to an end in the quarterfinals when Spain won. He announced his retirement from international football at the end of the 2023-24 season.

German star had recently won a La Liga and UEFA Champions League double with Los Blancos. He used to say to the media for the past few weeks that every game could be his last game. But today really turned out to be his last game.

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Toni said in his retirement note that he is proud of their team. If he compares the team’s performance over the last five or six months when they were playing against the best and now, they have really made progress.

According to Toni, the German team has a great future because they have great players. He hopes they continue to expand. He will catch them on television.

It is significant to note that Toni Kroos retired from International football at 34. He left his fans in sadness with his retirement news. He served as an incredible footballer while playing 832 total games and scored 80 goals.

Toni also won several titles including six Champions Leagues, four Spanish leagues, three Bundesligas, three German Cups, and one Copa del Rey.

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