Fire outbreak at Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi

Fire outbreak at Pakistan Stock Exchange building

Fire outbreak at Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi

A major fire outbreak happened in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) building in I I Chundrigar, Karachi. Following this fire, trade on the PSX has been suspended.

The building’s fourth floor was where the fire started. A fire forced numerous brokers’ trading terminals to close. However, the government opened the market despite the fire but was closed thirty minutes after the incident.

The management of the Stock Exchange announced the market will remain closed until further notice. Vehicles from the fire department were trying to put out the fire at the PSX.

When the fire hydrant from Karachi Fire Brigade arrived at the fireplace, they put out the fire completely. According to the chief fire officer of Karachi, the fire brigade has entirely extinguished the enraged fire on the fourth floor. The cooling is currently underway.

This fire incident has not prevented PSX-100 trading preopening activities as rescue personnel successfully extinguished the fire. They have also reduced every merchant from the building.

Fortunately, no casualties happened as a result of this fire outbreak. According to initial reports, the reason behind the fire outbreak and estimate of property loss is unknown.

Six years before this incident, a terrorist attack happened at the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi. Four terrorists were involved in this attack.

Law enforcement officials killed four terrorists involved in the PSX attack

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The law enforcement agencies successfully encountered this attack and killed all terrorists. However, four security personnel embraced martyrdom following terrorist retaliation.

However, in a separate incident, a fire outbreak happened at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) building in Islamabad five years ago in 2019. This building is located at J Block, Islamabad.

This fire erupted on holiday, which caused no loss of any human life. Fire brigades with emergency equipment reached the accident place and extinguished the fire within a few hours. The fire erupted on the first floor of the PSX building.

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