Shakib Al Hasan slapped a fan amid elections 2024

Shakib Al Hasan slapped a fan

Shakib Al Hasan slapped a fan amid elections 2024

Bangladesh cricket captain Shakib Al Hasan lost his cool and slapped a fan after winning a parliamentary seat in the elections in 2024. He belonged to the ruling Bangladesh party Awami League.

Shakib is famous for losing his anger from time to time. Now, he is back in the spotlight for a variety of reasons, including his recent outburst on a fan.

Apart from winning the recent general election, Shakib Al Hasan slapped a fan in the middle of a crowd, apparently during a visit to a polling station.

As shown in the footage, he lost his calm when a fan approached him at a polling station as he arrived to cast a vote. While many people surrounded him when he left. However, netizens claim that the viral video of Shakib slapping a fan occurred a week before. The results of the general elections in 2024 were not announced.

One of his most recent “disgraceful” deeds came during last year’s World Cup. When cricket fans criticized him for having Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews removed “timed out.” Because it was something that never happened in international cricket before.

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Angelo expressed disappointment at Shakib’s act that he had two minutes to get to the crease and get himself ready, which he did. Then, there was an issue with the equipment. And he is not sure where Shakib’s common sense went. It is terrible from the side of Shakib and Bangladesh.

Furthermore, Angelo stated that he had just five more seconds to go after my helmet broke off. He was not attempting to waste time. He was not trying to take advantage of anything. It was just pure equipment failure.

On the field, Shakib appeared to scream violently with umpires and kick the stumps once a decision was not in his favor.

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