Panauti Modi is trending on Twitter after India lost World Cup 2023

Panauti Modi is trending on Twitter

Panauti Modi is trending on Twitter after India lost World Cup 2023

The hashtag Panauti Modi is trending on X formerly known as Twitter after India lost ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

The hashtag Panauti Modi has taken over Twitter fueled by a moment that took place at the Narendra Modi Stadium during the World Cup 2023 final. When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was caught on camera waving and smiling. He became subconsciously the symbol of India’s cricket woes.

Indian fans are connecting the dots expressing a belief that India has faced a defeat in securing ICC trophies since Mr. Modi took place referring to him as “Panauti”. It is a Hindi word which means a luckless person whose bad luck is infectious.

In this regard, Indian cricket fans have started to backlash against their state-owned Prime Minister. One wrote on X “Namaste Trump” and Trump was done with it. Participated in “Chandrayaan 2”, Chandrayaan 2 disposed of ‘Vande Bharat Train’ flagged off collides with a cow. Participated in “World Cup 2023” and settled the World Cup. How much more will Panauti have to face?

Another wrote on X so all that sucking up to the PM wasn’t worth it? The presence of Modi at the space station failed the space mission last year. And if he goes serum institute. he may leave his bad luck. Modi is “Panauti” for this country.

Another Indian netizen took to X posting a picture of PM Modi who was sitting in the stadium during a match with the caption “So it had to happen” referring to India’s loss to the presence of the PM.

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The defeat of India in the 2023 World Cup has therefore sparked the trending hashtag Panauti Modi on Twitter. Fans linking PM Modi’s presence to the struggle of the Indian team in the ICC World Cup final.

Despite remarkable efforts by Indian players such as Virat Kohli and KL Rahul, Travis Head led the outstanding batting of Australia and secured a decisive victory.

The social media outburst reached a climax when Modi gave the trophy to Australian captain Pat Cummins. It left fans angry with India’s ongoing ICC trophy drought.

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